• M. Balážová: Mediálne výstupy

    M. Balážová: Media outputs

    Here you will find a list and links to the media outputs of PhDr. Mária Balážová: well-being, mental health of adults and children, but also book recommendations and observations from practice and raising her own children.

  • M. Balážová: Ako pracujem

    M. Balážová: How I work

    I usually make the first contact with clients by phone or email, where you briefly describe what you would need from me. We will then arrange a date for the first consultation, online or in person, where we will discuss your needs in detail and how it would be appropriate to set up the intervention. I offer my clients guidance in difficult life situations, while discovering new ways of coping and looking for a new perspective...

  • M. Balážová: O detskom vzdore

    M. Balážová: About children´s defiance

    About children's defiance. I was inspired to write this blog by the experience of a visit to a specialist doctor, where I was with my 2.5 year old son. He is usually already asleep by lunch time, so he was not exactly in an ideal mood, at the same time (fortunately) we don't go to the doctor often, so it is quite difficult for him to cooperate in an unfamiliar environment with new people. The situation developed…

  • M. Balážová: Ako vychovať šťastné deti

    M. Balážová: How to raise a happy kid

    How to raise happy children. Acclaimed molecular biologist and popularizer of science John Medina writes in his book Rules of the Child's Brain: "The negativity between partners after the birth of a child can be so severe that for some marriages the birth of a child is a risk factor for divorce." (p.50) How come? After all, the birth of a child is a happy moment, it is a blessing and joy. When you…

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