Education contributes to the mental balance and well-being of people or teams.

By learning, we prevent burnout, address the need for self-care and responsibility for one's own health. 

  • mental balance brings results and a productive atmosphere
  • well-being in the workplace is the basis of good performance
  • burnout is better prevented than cured

We use scientific knowledge and rich clinical experience.

The workshops are built so that the participants take away skills that can be applied in their lives immediately.

Our courses are based on:

  • understanding complex patterns of human behavior
  • knowledge from psychology and other humanities
  • evidence-based approach and rich clinical experience

Choose from a range of courses and workshops or request a tailor-made offer.

We offer flexible cooperation, adapted to the needs you need to address right now.
Together we will figure out what will move your work teams forward. We offer education both online and offline (live).

Choose from the offer of prepared existing courses and workshops.
We will be happy to send you our offer for companies by e-mail, just ask us.

Let's create a tailor-made course or workshop just for your company.

Let's talk about your needs and create custom training for your business.

Send us any questions and requests, we will respond within the next three business days.

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We are fully capable of preparing and conducting training in English. If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone. We are looking forward to our cooperation!

Successful collaborations and MindGuide references

Our partners, of whom we are proud, and together we have done a good job of educating employees.

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