psychotherapy - consultations - courses

We lead on a path to wellbeing,
we offer professional help and education.


Individual psychotherapy for people facing
difficulties and people wanting to grow.


Education for companies focused on
constructive atmosphere and development.


Healthy life and wellbeing for every
person who wants to be well.

Caring for everyone's mental health, well-being and success.


We are a professionally trained team with advanced psychological education, which we constantly update.


We are a mental health clinic, our priority is mental health, wellbeing and its impact on physical health.


You will find here the most contemporary knowledge, based on data and properly verified approaches.


Successful cooperation requires not only expertise but also humanity, we are open to your specific needs.


We have the courage to look at the biggest challenges with you, make difficult decisions and pursue your goals.


You are safe with us, you have the opportunity to share yourself and your difficulties without fear.

Under the supervision of experts

We are a professional team of experts with psychological education, training and many years of experience.

PhDr. Mária Balážová

  • clinical psychologist with many years of experience
  • founder and CEO MindGuide
  • lecturer and speaker
  • detská psychologička známa z Instagramu
  • nájdete ju na

PhDr. Mária Balážová is the founder of MindGuide. She is here for clients seeking psychotherapy whether they are facing a personal, family or work challenge. She is active in promoting mental health in the media and at conferences. In addition to individual psychotherapy, she offers courses and consultations for work teams and organizations that care about the mental health of employees and their growth and development.

Mgr. Hana Kuc

  • experienced psychotherapist with foreign education
  • mental health consultant
  • expert in managing stress, fear, anxiety and trauma

Mgr. Hana Kuc is trained in rational emotional behavioral therapy and in the EMDR method (processing of traumatic events). She believes that the most effective approach to dealing with fear and anxiety is to work for the client to face the fear gradually, with patience and imagination. She is here to support you and enable you to shift to flexible attitudes and beliefs, opening up real solutions to problems and behavioral changes.

Mgr. Marcela Gatciová

  • psychologist providing psychotherapy also in English
  • expert on wellbeing
  • lecturer and trainer for teams and individuals

Mgr. Marcela Gatciová graduated in psychology and teaching, her professional path led through education and work with children and young people to psychotherapy, which she implements on the basis of professional training in Adlerian psychology. She uses art therapy techniques, projective methods and work with dreams. She preferrs holistic view of a person and their need for a connection to others.

"For me, MindGuide combines psychotherapeutic help in an outpatient clinic with the support of work teams that desire growth and a productive work atmosphere."
PhDr. Mária Balážová, clinical psychologist and CEO of MindGuide

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