Mgr. Marcela Gatciová
psychologist and wellbeing expert

She provides therapy in Slovak and English, it is based on Adlerian psychotherapy and has been devoted to the topic of well-being for a long time.

  • Mgr. z Psychológie na Filozofickej fakulte Trnavske Univerzity 
  • Mgr. z Učiteľstva Anglického jazyka, Pedagogická fakulta, Univerzita Komenského
  • Dlhodobý psychoterapeutický výcvik v Individuálnej psychológii
  • EMDR výcvik (2023) – Český Institut pro Psychotraumatologii a EMDR, Praha 

Mgr. Marcela Gatciová graduated in psychology and teaching, her professional path led through education and work with children and young people to psychotherapy, which she implements on the basis of professional training in Adlerian psychology.

She uses art therapy techniques, projective methods and work with dreams. She preferrs holistic view of a person and their need for a connection to others. n therapy, she works to make the client better understand himself, his motivation, interactions with others, attitude towards the world, and accept his imperfections.

In 2023, she completed her education in the EMDR approach focused on working with trauma. She is continuously educated at domestic and foreign workshops, seminars and conferences on traumatology, psychotherapy, individual psychology and therapeutic methods, e.g. work with therapeutic cards, family board, systemic constellations, various projective methods.

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